Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

For those who are looking for assistance or guidance pertaining to a specific issue, SFBT also known as short-term therapy may be a great option.  Short-term therapy is defined as 12 sessions or less and is goal specific. Often, short-term therapy is appropriate for situational problems such as stress management, anger management, conflicts at work or school, communication improvement, relationship issues, parenting, or other person specific issues that may not require long-term in-depth Psychotherapy. It’s a great and effective treatment option for individuals, couples, or families (Ideal for the couple or family that have a good foundation but may need help navigating through a specific issue).

SFBT will allow you to continue for as long (or short) as you would like until you feel that you have achieved your goal. You might find your solution in 4 sessions or realize you may need 12. Please know that you can continue therapy beyond that if you feel that your issue is not yet resolved. Click here for more information about SFBT.

Anger Management 

8-week course specifically designed to address anger. Ideal for personal growth or to satisfy a court order. Please contact me for more information!